Ideas for the Bath

Baths are wonderful and may invigorate aching muscles, but if you have sensitive skin and in general, a bath should be quick and warm (not hot) as in 5 – 10 mins. It is best to clean the tub quickly before you go in, and to rinse off after quickly in the shower.

This is a great amount of time to do bath yoga stretches, like fish pose and staff pose and bound angle or back stretches on belly, but nothing too creative or standing that might be causing you to slip.

You can bathe just your feet separately too and then massage them with pure coconut oil; I love this smooth feeling self-massage. A pumice stone too after awhile of soaking can be great sometimes and follow with the coconut or moisturizing lotion.

I am healing my skin as something I’ve been noting improvement with recently. I find washing my face twice a day in lukewarm water with Burt’s Bees Deep Cleansing Cream works well, feels calmed quickly, pat dry with soft towel.

And after washing and shower, I moisturize with a new green tea-based vitamin c clay type cream from Etsy that I find is essential for me to massage in thoroughly to have pores clear and also can be lightened with some water…so far I’ve noticed great improvement, but skin or complexion like anything will take some time. This one is so creamy and thick that the supply lasts a good amt. of time. I am trying the method of adding water to it as my skin is very sensitive and I am also more careful to gently rub it in fully.

Something else I am working on (another new year’s resolution) is not to touch my face or hair with my hands. I find this is a kind of fidgety habit even if it’s a happy thing I am excited about—I have been practicing placing my hands on my lap and noting them there, keeping my hair off my face and tying it back with a loose soft tie at home, even placing my hands between my thighs with clothing on and squeezing my thighs together can get tension out, and I am gently aware of the placement of my hands after that too. 🙂

Back to the bath, my favorite bath is a strawberry bath, strawberry slices, eat a few, rub your skin directly with other slices as they can be placed in the bath, and I love cucumber on my eyes too.

You won’t have time for reading in a quick bath, and I like this idea because it allows extra motivation to rest my eyes while bathing or with fruit slices over my eyes, and my books won’t get wet: but a tip you should know is that if a book gets wet, even in the rain, just put it immediately in the freezer, and in about 20 minutes it’ll have  beautiful crisp pages again. 


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