About the Lines You May Edit out of Your Poems

—💕your very own, Peeko

Part of revising a poem is often taking out lines that seem like they don’t belong. In a recent poem I’d completed, I’d taken out a whole stanza that involved wrapping the recipient or subject of the poem in a blanket…It was a comfy idea, but really felt out of place, and once I took that stanza out, I felt I could complete the poem and I am happy with it.

I considered the lines and the idea, the things we may take out may truly have their place elsewhere. That blanket line I realized was actually a desire of my cat Peeko’s that somehow infiltrated that poem. It was meant that Peeko have a blanket to lie across and cuddle with in winter, and he has one now…:) Just an idea. Peeko’s dream come true. 😽 He is very happy and has become like a tiny kitten again.


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