“This Ring”

(my own photo of a blushing morning sky with the moon in Massachusetts)

This is the first poem I wrote this year and probably still my favorite. It was published along with another poem in Indelible’s Issue for the Feminine, and I read the poem live on video: when it was first completed, at a Boston and Australia multi-national poetry event online that I co-hosted with poet Deb Stewart. The post includes the text of my ghazal poem and also a recording I had done of me reading the poem. Enjoy 💗

Blush of Dawn

This was my first poem I’d written and shared in 2022:

I have found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write this year is a ghazal, and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle East during the medieval era, as there’ve been many poems and stories shared on the blog in recent months of artists and poets, like Rumi (medieval era) and May Ziadeh (romantic era) who lived in that part of the world.

My inspiration for this poem was creating a fictional, imaginary situation to illustrate my own inner reflection of what I’d consider some of the many truths of romantic love.

(listen if you’d like)

“This Ring”

by Jade Nicole Beals

Which shape ring do you think you would choose? Would you…

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