Wild Sumac: Look, Don’t Touch, and Definitely Don’t Eat

This is a sketch of the wild sumac growing outside my window. In North America, this plant is poisonous, but in the Middle East you can eat them and may find the berries made into dressing in certain classic dishes.

I sketched the sumac quickly as an art lesson I’d found that looking at shapes (not needing to even consider “things”) in reality can add more interest to your own created abstract compositions.

Abstract art tends to be not “realism.” Abstract art can include shapes that have significance just by being a shape or of a particular color. Abstract art can also represent emotion and poetic or philosophical thought. It can contain a complex composition with many colors, or a very simple, calming one.

It can help with simplicity, in forming your own scenes to focus on a single thing in your view that you can see and even draw variations of it for possible abstract detail or intrigue in a painting. I made the sumac larger than in reality and with a more soft, feathery look.

My heart I had felt handled roughly; I feel the vibe of the sumac. And I’d like to just forget a few things for now.


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