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2022: A Flash of a Recap

December 31, 2022

This was the first book I read this year, a poetry book by Robert Frost (b. March 26, 1874) that won a Pulitzer Prize in Literature in the 1920s, and this is an over 100 yr old copy from the library:

I was up late past my bedtime reading Frost! He just seemed the party guest of my choice, to make fun observations about the guests! And then I would make an observation about him that might then dissolve the friendship. I am up past my bedtime with this antique man I thought—He is an Aries like my husband, and my Rising Sign is Aries, is there competition? No. 🙂 But he liked to joke, and it was also an incredible “concept” poetry book with narrative poems or poems that tell a story:

He writes a very New England book called “New Hampshire” and then gets a rise out of his readers with this dedication.

Peeko with my 2 poetry collections, he sat with them, his paw may be making a choice 😉

Me and my husband Dan at my first Art Show in May.

Also artists that weekend in May at The Gallery in Patriots Place: Shana and Roberta with Shana’s portrait art.

Me and Shana, a weekend in June, with Rich shown behind us painting non-stop the whole day, artwork just appearing

With my father in law Dave and my very first art patron who bought “Mornings at the Sea”. I don’t even eat these quahogs, but I was happy to show there are plenty, and yes I brought my thesaurus to the beach that day but didn’t get to it.

This single mysterious bookmark caused so many conspiracy theories of my own and I had to actually “start new” with bookmarks and recycle any I had inc. this one to be fair…All is fine now. 🙂

I wasn’t working out in this; I was here to take a mirror picture with all these mirrors even if they were not perfectly clear mirrors with a little condensation maybe…I myself prefer yoga and dance.

A photo in motion, taken by my mom, me walking talking and her friend, Ann looking at one of my paintings: “The Storm That Shook Me.”

Peeko with his favorite poet’s book, Edna St. Vincent Millay; he likes to show that he reads poetry. He’s been schooled awhile now, and he will branch out into new subjects as well, he seems to like women soldiers and warriors and the country Scotland with plenty of green hills to climb.

At the time, he was very enthused with this blanket.

At my niece Brinley’s 1st birthday party

Reading to my niece Brinley, my sister in law Lauren and Brett’s daughter.

My grandfather in law with his grandchildren.

with my mother in law 🙂 on Thanksgiving.

Brinley loved reading about Mermaids!

Meeting my penpal Bethany of over 11 yrs! We met on Blogger, we handwrite letters through the mail since then, and she had been in MA to visit friends on the Western side. She came to visit this Fall from Virginia.

After I showed Peeko a video of Britney Spears dancing with her cat and dog who seemed uninterested, he felt it wasn’t good enough and—watch this, I could do it better! he said. This is how it is done.

This is Miley, my parent in laws’ cat, a sweet girl who will sit on your lap pref. with a blanket of her choice, and she will purr and knead you as well. She is about 7 pds…Her cousin Peeko is 17 pds and has greatly bullied his animal friends since he was a baby, so they haven’t gotten to meet in person.

With my sister Jenna, my nephew Jordan at 4 months, and their dog Isabella. This is the baby who received the custom painting I’d shown in the Merry Christmas post. in Brooklyn, NY.

Baby Shower photo: my mom Joanie, my sister Jenna, and her husband my brother in law, Waleed.

My sister Jenna and my nephew baby Jordan when he was a newborn. He loves music and stories, no naps Ever!

He took a great liking to this cover. 🙂

Peeko has been schooled for over a year now, and has so many skills now it is hard to keep track of them all. Here he is with the Little House Series but we weren’t too impressed at the time…

Me and my mom when she came to visit in August! And I gave her this gift, a closeup pressed “meadow-rose,” her version would show the full “To Mom :)”

At the beach! And Grandma Shirley (Dan’s grandmother) was in from Florida at the same time my mom was visiting from NY and they got to meet in person.

With Dan our past anniversary, blocking walkway traffic with a selfie stick to celebrate.

With me, Shana, and Serina featuring Serina’s art.

I will fly…:) This time…this time again.

Wrote a poem and read it live on video😊♥️

with my cousin in law Kristina

I had a lot of little trials this time starting with ketchup on my pants this day on my way to get a full rosary, but I got on in 2023.

A Glam Christmas 2022

2022: I had asked Peeko to pose for a portrait…I think he was impersonating my sideways look with narrowing eyes and hand out…😅

…I don’t want to share any more previous pictures now ‘tho this was great! I’d rather take new ones!! 🙂 more to come. —Jade

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