My 4 Simple New Year’s Resolutions

  • Keep my hands off my face and hair and continue with new skincare regimen, with anti-inflammatory foods in my diet, mandarins and tomatoes, and natural moisturizing, gentle touch…my skin is healing. It is also nicer overall for everyone for me not to non-stop fidget. It’s helped me to place my hands on my thighs, calming with the feeling.
  • Take fewer, but high quality photos of my cat Peeko; he’s been happier with the camera mostly off and living his life, loving his mom and dad, and lounging afternoons on a warm blanket or wherever happy.
  • See the blog as like a print newspaper, no need to delete posts, but post at a comfortable reading pace.
  • Rest my eyes often.

So this is a kind of hands off theme!

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

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