New Year’s Night: Prayer Candles Lighting Up All through the Week

I got to see the candles at La Salette shrine lit with my messages this time. I found the side wall with a written paper in the Chapel of Light is where they print the dedications.
I lit these candles for the full week, including the message I wrote for my grandma with her full name, and continued as “Loving you always, Grandma,” but they may have run out of space on the paper, no worries at all. Heaven gets the messages as quickly as we may just think to give them! And the candles are so warm and sweet-scented so near, and they just stay lit with the message intended…

I found a full rosary tonight at the gift shop I’d wanted, as I’d looked through each one. I found, too a little soft embroidered pouch just perfect for the rosary. I will show these in the daytime. I am so glad to be able to pray silently with the very many prayers of the rosary, with this rosary I picked especially myself; it is something I’ve wanted awhile. And yet not tonight, the candles are still praying, as I sleep with the bliss of that.


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