A Special Gift I’ve Given to Myself: My Rosary and Embroidered Pouch

I knew this year when I visited the gift-shop at La Salette around Christmastime and was too sick to visit my family in Brooklyn, New York at the time, to be postponed, that we would wait to exchange gifts. I still knew of a gift I wanted to give myself this year…

The first night at La Salette with cousins, I accidentally splashed ketchup on myself and just wanted to put better pants on, the next time, I lit candles for prayers and then found the gift shop had closed afterwards, the next time, the gift shop was too crowded that I couldn’t look closely at what I wanted to find, and last night, I found just the rosary I wanted.

I like to pray the rosary as a meditative prayer and this prayer can be prayed especially for someone or something, which is one way to keep your heart open and loving, and faithful.

I listen to the Daughters of St. Paul recite the rosary mystery in a tranquil, heartfelt manner as I pray by touching each bead with each prayer along. I had been glad to find some years ago that the “Daughters of Saint Paul” are in Boston; I had been just looking for a rosary spoken that I liked.

I’ve had a pink crystal pocket “single decade” rosary I had gotten about 10 yrs ago also at La Salette, but I’ve found it much more convenient and easy to follow along with the full rosary to pray the full prayer.

Enough with words for now, my rosary is “from the holy land.” I picked it especially because it has clear crystals that show different colors in the light and how you hold it, and that reminds me how a prayer is always improving, evolving, is dynamic, and so gorgeous too. The colors send a flood of comfort and excitement to me to send further on…

But first…here is the pouch just the size for the rosary:

a very soft, embroidered pouch, the inside is delicate and you can place the rosary within and zipper it, to bring in your purse, or keep treasured at home.

Elaborate, elegant silver cross design with Jesus’ love expressed in a reverent gold

Mary medallion with her crown of stars, a very intricate and pleasing rosary.


I am sorry to hear that Pope Benedict has passed away just a couple days ago, many prayers. From what I understand, Pope Francis didn’t actually resign, just mentions if he is in poor health he would do that.

2 responses to “A Special Gift I’ve Given to Myself: My Rosary and Embroidered Pouch”

  1. What an amazingly perfect gift to give yourself for Christmas!! 🙏These rosary beads are just so well designed and thought out. So beautiful. Love the multicolors from the crystals. Love the sapphire blue. The pouch is just perfect!

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