Author at Work

I’ve decided to work on my novel each day for about the five day week, myself immersed in the events and characters consistently, toward completion but enjoying this all. It’s in the Fantasy genre, Young Adult.

And I am free to skip days. I will be starting a new painting soon, so I can alternate between painting and drawing with writing. I have a gentle schedule; I will be following my desire…

In this photo, I had just placed the first events of the plot on this blank calendar in my hands for a sense of time as I continue, a novel writing tip I’d heard of long ago, yet the year on the calendar doesn’t need to match the year in your novel.

But I personally found this variation easier—I wrote the dates in order on the last page of the notebook where I am handwriting my first drafts of the novel, and I suggest if you are trying something similar, to flip through the calendar to see the time of your written dates and the time passing between these events over the year.

I also included a couple of events from the distant past or “the back story,” a back story of which I want well-detailed, on the page after that in the back of the notebook.


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