Forgiveness by Patty Griffin, listening to a live performance

I have been offline mostly continuing a few days. I’ve been listening to music today for the comfort and healing, on shuffle, and this singer came on first. I haven’t really listened to her closely in many years, and she was one of the first singer-songwriters I’d found and loved, and my favorite one for awhile. Patty Griffin.

I had thought she lived in NYC, like I had at the same time as me, but a friend told me then that she was actually born in Maine and lived in Boston starting in the 1980s as a waitress along with being a beginning musician, and that she took music lessons in Cambridge. People would notably enjoy her accent and way of singing over the years. These earlier and mid-songs are my favorites. I think now she lives in Texas and had found her voice in country, gospel, and jazz and blues styles later on.

I’d found that she is a Pisces like me, and I’d really connect with her lyrics, often notably loving, honest, tribute-like, and naturally hopeful.

This is one of my very favorite song of hers, and one I am listening to today, fits my mood of tending to my heart and sadness. I listened to it for the first time probably early 2000, 2002 – 2005 and on. I love live performances especially…

“Forgiveness” by Patty Griffin


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