Peeko listening to a naptime story

rest, sit, meditate, paint a little, walk.

look at the sky, draw, notice scenery, sketch a scene, yoga stretch,

continue to eat tangerines, tomatoes, drink green tea, make scrambled eggs with baby spinach, dinner meals.

See how many cups of water I am actually drinking in the day, dawned on me; this has been a lot of water? see if around 8 is possible, see 8-11 as needed: keep my nutrients, and still stay hydrated.

read the sequel novel: heart of the sun warrior, meditate, pray, let away my defenses, see the not yet revealed good in others, and the good in other things,

slow myself and slow my sense of time, appreciate beauty, time together, silence,

sleep, close my eyes, look into the distance, write my novel a little each day, expect the best with others and myself,

continue my current painting that I made the best changes to yesterday evening: it started with colors, and now it has more shape, and a definite theme.


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