Dream of You Dancing on the Beach

I found myself stressing little decisions of normalcy and possible ways I was annoying people just before bed, and instead of a proverb or a chastisement came…You…dancing on the beach, and it was summer there. 😊☀️🏝. I realized your identity was not perfectly defined, and my view of you was a little blurry as you were full in dance, with light denim shredded shorts that were done well, an almost sheer white top, and a light blue bathing suit beneath, long straight hair, a little breeze from the ocean, your back to the small gray rippled waves, facing me…The beach was real as well as our tans, just like the dance and happiness and your silent laugh, let go let go, so I didn’t verify you, my dear, we just danced, as you’d hinted, let’s let go let go 🎶💃🏝🌊☀️Let’s go 😊☀️🏝. I still don’t fully know, and I never noticed ‘til days later that I did not remember the music.


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