Two Debut Novelists of Today whose Novels I’ve Recently Read

Sue Lynn Tann wrote the debut fiction bestseller, Daughter of the Moon Goddess, and Heart of the Sun Warrior, the sequel, was just released this November 2022. I had read the first book and remembered about the sequel this month and that it would have been already released. I read this book most recently, a memorable novel in my home library, my reflection:

Breathlessly and stunningly written, with luscious settings and truths, Heart of the Sun Warrior took my breath a moment with beautiful lines from my own mind, like a refrain I’d remembered, but it really gave me my breath and expanded it, showing me that my feet are on the right path for me as planted with love. A most beautiful sequel to Daughter of the Moon Goddess —the main plot lines are included in this one in a way you will not miss anything.


Another recent find, this book was released the last day of November 2022 when I’d found it that day, and it took about a month for it to come to me (from my local bookshop) but was happily received and also added to my home library: Sacrifice (romance, erotic fiction, crime novel) by Nikki Archer (2022):

Intriguing from the beginning. The reader does not have to wait to get to the sexy parts, and they are very sexy. I loved and noticed easily and enjoyed how the author could write very well from a male perspective (as a female author; this is rare for an author to do.) I liked how there was a far back history that is presented in the current time and very good setting description, the romance was satisfying and your heart will glow long after reading it with such a compassionate love story, and for me personally especially containing three motifs: a nickname, a home description, and a birthday. My critique would be maybe spending less time expressing the characters’ surprise of their own same thoughts more than once. This is more a romance novel than a crime novel if one had to pick, but I could see readers of either genre enjoying it.

Nikki Archer is an independent author living in the UK and is originally from London. She runs a Facebook page for her readers and is planning to release the sequel to Sacrifice.


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