Wellness, Water Hydration, My First Novel, First Week of Full Focus

*The water intake change has really made me feel sufficiently well (the most normal I’ve felt) and not impulsive: I was just drinking water all the time thinking more must be better, but that was very likely washing away medicine and so less effective. While not staying thirsty, I am gradually drinking about 9 cups a day. *It’s been most important to drink enough though as dehydration with this medicine can be physically dangerous, and it is usually the dr.’s main concern to drink enough, *and when not drinking water, I found I would feel manic like I did with a lot at once. And I just drink gradually; many days could be closer to 10 cups and am not tracking numbers for this.

*My cat Peeko seemed to have an opposite water problem, as he’d seemed dehydrated, and is doing much better with the most hydrating wet food according to the company Weruva that my husband (his dad) found for him: (shredded) chicken in gravy; he likes this one better. And Peeko let me touch his belly and pet him gently which I’d not been able to do even since he was a kitten, and he is purring more and also giving loving nudges.

the cat is turned over and curled up to sleep, smiles briefly

and he stretches his foot with delight…

*This was the first week I worked consistently on my novel, I wrote a little last night, and I consider what the characters may mention at the start that would be expanded later on, that I will create…I finish the week at 4717 words.

*I have been reading books and building my home library. Books to come to say a little about:

Ring of Fire by Lisa Jarnot (poetry), Sacrifice by Nikki Archer (novel), Heart of the Sun Warrior by Sue Lynn Tan (still reading), and Rattle: Young Poets Anthology (poetry chapbook I’d like to reread).

💕Your very own, —Peeko 🐱

And I’d recorded a few poems read aloud that I wrote: Four Poems I Wrote and Read Aloud

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