About Sun Shower

January 17, 2023

It’s been the sunniest day the day I completed this painting; I’d been wishing for sun.

And some natural framing, in the generous flood of morning sunlight, I didn’t place in the rainbows in the next photo 😊 (or the bubbles.)

I focused on this painting as my project of the week. I started with color, which was Bright Blue and also a hint of red-orange and yellow to follow, and then I felt the warmth of a sun shower in time. I enhanced the scene by painting long, thinner vertical lines of varying color for rain, and continuing to define the vertical lines, and then I added wide, thin clouds horizontally placed on top, to depict clouds of a real recent morning sky I saw. When I woke and had admired them, I’d saved these clouds in mind as a painting idea, and they found a place in this one.

I wanted the painting to depict the consoling feeling of the sun on your face and the iridescence of natural color through such a cheerful rain, of excitement let to burst forward this way.

The painting shows bright and cheerful as in the photo in full sunlight. At night, in full lamplight, the paintings appears with vibrancy and with the release of deep emotion, and healing.

The painting, close up full view, in full light:

Next week, I will varnish the painting, like my others, with a coat of semi-matte acrylic varnish, a light, subtle finish. My art will be on display in Massachusetts and available to purchase.


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