Author Artist Kahlil Gibran Celebrates a Birthday

January 6, 2023

Well, I am going next weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family in New York. I was sick with COVID on Christmas, and so was my husband—he got it first and is over it, as for testing: I am not yet but almost fully healed! We will go bearing gifts, including a story someone will receive at the gathering—(no one knows who but me, and no one else has read the story but me, and maybe Charles Dickens 😅.)

I had been attempting to write short stories for a span of years, I’d written one that was more a prose poem, and then in just one quick run this story was written, so I was a little sick and considered if Charles Dickens himself from heaven, seeing I was so sickly and had just read his book of Christmas stories, had given me a little boost with a quickly told plot. But I am going to leave it as…probably not. 😀

top secret gift for someone in my family

Today is artist and author Kahlil Gibran’s birthday, the big 139!—

Omg, it looks like I got served a little humility myself. It’s his 140th birthday!!

And I made a joke last year of his poor math skills when he’d boasted in a letter to May Ziadeh of how he celebrates 2 birthdays, and so the author who got his birthday wrong and printed it, Gibran stated had “shortened his life-span.”
So I just accidentally shortened his, I think.

Happy 140th, Gibran!

It is also a full moon. It will be a time of wrapping presents for the Christmas gathering (because my cat will unwrap them himself otherwise), and writing my novel or painting, and definitely some dancing.

On May’s birthday in February just before she found me, I read on my JadeNicoleBeals YouTube Channel, poets read aloud playlist, “The Astronomer” by Kahlil Gibran, not knowing that or knowing May had existed yet, saying in an improvised intro ‘I’d read this poet many times’ (Not exactly), and I was almost in tears at the end not knowing why, but it was just slightly obvious in my voice.

I’d like to send a good “Happy Birthday Ji! from a fairy from NYC, a fellow 5’ friend who is Italian…”

The strawberries I happened get to feast on this week in time are called “Pixie Strawberries” and have a fairy illustrated on the cover. I am also in pink fairy pants ready to dance (with Miss May.) And then wind down with yoga.

A well-known poet, he was also a painter who was first noticed in Boston, born in Lebanon, Gibran loved Leonardo DaVinci and enjoyed being mistaken for being Italian. His work appeared in the museum of fine arts in Boston in the early 1900s; he drew, wrote poetry, prose pieces, stories, a novel and what looks like even more novels.

Happy Birthday

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