blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Snowfall during Morning Tea with Handwritten Letters

Morning tea during snowfall, fluffy, twirling snowflakes; my cat Peeko is smiling at his reflection in the tv screen before he reclines for a nap. I sometimes sit in bound angle pose or butterfly pose in yoga, perfect size in this spacious chair, soles of the feet touching together, feels good for the hips, lower back, whole body and mind, and when the tea is ready to drink, I sit as normally…

Two letters, one is a short story with handwritten post-it note, and the other is a handwritten letter, all cherished as recently received and all also harmonizing in color with my green tea and antique style green and white teacup with the golden edges.

I will rest this week, with a meditative yoga session later on in the day, looking fwd to visiting and delivering my custom gift story in person to a surprise family member in New York at the gift gathering.

Today: I am working on my new abstract painting that now looks like a simple scene, has a mood to enhance, and I will make it look even more like what I imagined it, while neatening the shapes and color…

That is my one project of the day, besides making a meal plan and shopping list.

I may go over my novel pages and look at those mentioned things by characters not revealed or expanded, what might one of them be hinting at?

Could I expand a scene already written, keep the pace slow?

Go down a unified path in plot even for now?

The novel will be about 10 times the length of my current almost 5000 words as a guide for pacing. That is the minimum guideline length for YA fiction: 50,000 words, so it could go on longer.

😊Have a great start to your week!


Poets Read Today:

Milica Mijatovic: “Pedestrian Bridge over the Tracks…”
Charles Simic: “The Vices of the Evening”

“Dream Path” and “File” (poems I wrote)


Afternoon Note about My Art: I think my painting may be complete today; I will see it tomorrow morning with renewed eyes before I decide this, and I have a title in mind. 😊


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