Sunbathing at the Library with Poetry

It’s Wednesday, it has been a week of busyness and creations that I cherish, and I slow down midway, read poetry in the sun, have a few small books to share, but for now it’s just sun, sit the other way, sun against my neck, a drink of water, rest, stretch, read, listen, associate, smile, enjoy my shadow-silhouette against the bookshelf hair pulled back like an antique portrait,

enjoying Running Counterclockwise at the library, by a poet I’ve read before you may remember: Alarie Tennille…Many of these mention famous artist’s paintings the detail of words with perspective. I didn’t intend to dress for the collection but it is an excellent collection one would do that for:

My reviewI have spent this day, continuing from yesterday, reading this poetry collection (pub. 2014), a true treat of a day. The poems are introspective yet light and keenly observant, many are so funny, poems you’ll recall later and smile, one of my favorites is “Favorite Doll” and the ones on Monet with a look at impressionism, Van Gogh’s “The Night Cafe,” and another favorite “Facebook.” Humorous, concise and complex, I loved these looks at memory, including plates that could be thrown on the floor unbroken, and “Grandma’s Buttons”. Personably written and modestly well done, I’ve enjoyed my second collection read of Alarie Tennille’s poetry.


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