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The Vices of the Evening by Charles Simic

I’d enjoyed so very soon the concise, often comedic poetry of the author Charles Simic, a poet who recently passed away last week; many prayers and blessings and poetry readings: here is one…

The Vices of the Evening

by Charles Simic

The way the light and shadow
Go on with their tug-of-war
While the night busies itself
Behind our backs
To catch us by surprise
With a single burnt matchstick
Left in someone’s hand,
Who forgot why he lit it,
Unless it was for children
To find their way
Through weedy gardens
And narrow back alleys

 —by Charles Simic

From Rattle #17


I think my painting may be complete today; I will see it tomorrow morning with renewed eyes before I decide this, and I have a title in mind. 😊

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