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Tuesday (And More)

I myself have little memory of the day let alone the week, it has been a very busy week, but I am sure it was good. 🙂

I notice I was stressing the blog posts (as in stressing what is best?), and then I realized my goals don’t actually need me to do that when I think of it.

I was listening to Yellow Claw – Assets yesterday 🎶. It was a shuffle pick and a good one. 💃 I don’t remember this song though, but the album is added to my streaming library. 😅

Questioning and Fixes

All the questioning put myself into screen exhaustion. As for the washing machine that felt on its way out, my husband has the washing machine working well now 💕(it was the lock feature; to be replaced), and my clothes are all fine and ready.


A recently bought and then accidentally dyed sweater a soft gray-blue soaking with new jeans awhile did not actually fit me well. The new color helped me notice that, and the color was actually nice when dried, yet not a good fit sweater; the second sweatshirt I thought was dyed was fine.

The maintenance worked a long while too. And these washers are known to have locks that are known to be replaced quickly.

I have been trying to make a wardrobe, and this is exciting, as for years I’d not cared about or enjoyed fashion. (I did like fashion when I was a teenager, but I like it more now.) And I have been having trouble getting just the right amount, as I may stain things or rip the threads, and have returned most things I’ve bought with not a good fit, and it’s more complex to get dressed with fewer combos, which I am working on. I can now go shopping in person.

Spin Cycle

On Friday, finding myself in the spin cycle on this blog with questioning, I’d found that I had created many things I enjoyed: a painting, poems, poem readings, book reviews, portraits, and I shared some others’ work too; I hope you enjoy them. 🙂


I am visiting my family in NYC!, (Christmas: now, as I am all better from COVID I’d had just before Christmas; I’ll deliver that surprise custom story to a person in my family).

Britney in NYC

And Britney Spears?😊❤️🍎🍏 I mean, River Red. ❤️❤️I thought she might be here. I’d thought the apples she’s posted were specifically NYC : Big Apple, but I think I mixed it up and am creating a ‘conspiracy theory’ (for myself.) 😊 Still nice.

My Novel, Poetry, and Jane Austen’s Birthday

I finish the week with my novel at 4746 words, as of Thursday about 12-14 pages…after a great burst of poetry I was happy with; a poem written in time for Jane Austen’s 247th birthday got it started Blame It On Jane ❤️📕💃. I’ve been now ready to focus on my novel as my main project.


🎶🎶This song I love! One of my favorites I’d found when I’d listened to Britney’s catalogue last summer 2021 🎶🎶


I’ve realized I am at my best when I am listening to my heart and making my own plans and not focusing so much on what I might be doing wrong to not reach a goal…I understand my own goals better. But I do talk a lot and I am realizing that may be me and good with people who enjoy that burst of energy with me.

The Custom Story Winner for the Late Christmas Gathering

My sister, Jenna won the story! And I announced this gift by saying it is given to someone here I wanted to give it to, not based on merit but on something like fortune 😀 (and not for anyone to feel bad that they did not win.) And also not a moral but the story’s in a genre or subject this person reads, a custom story. She was happy! I think maybe she knew she won it already. She also sent me a personal message of thank you after she’d read the story that night. And no one was sad for ‘not winning.’ 🙂 I plan to share this story on the blog.


Feature photo signed, 💕—Your very own,

🐾 Peeko

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