Why All the Sagittarius Birthday Wishes?: A Reflection on Self and Soul

There is something I found last year, and although I am not serious about astrology as if it were a religion to me, I enjoy the patterns it suggests in life as a kind of artwork. I find it very accurate in many ways.

I had found in my life great, deep healing in the year 2020 at the time of the pandemic in March. That change would further actualize into a full kind of true rebirth of myself in May 2021 (as you know the name.) I felt my truest self and sides of me I’d cover up for yrs and yrs; it was now finally me without a strain to be or act different.

I found out that I was mistaken in my life…I was suppressing and avoiding “fire” traits in myself especially, and then I found that allowing in a little “fire” personality traits actually was what I was missing…

I’d find the fire traits in Sagittarius people often a “problem” and might even name that as an example, but I didn’t know that my own birth chart had plenty of Sagittarius in it, plus a Rising sign of Aries (Rising sign is often how you appear on the outside at social situations; it can be found by your time of birth). This trait makes in me plenty of energy, excitement, joking often, and overall friendliness and welcoming of new people…

I say jokingly, I am a Pisces (b. Feb. 19th 1986) who likes to play with fire. And I often don’t know when to stop myself at times but I am working on that right now tonight. 🙂

Although I have my Venus in Pisces, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Pisces, and Sun in Pisces, these main qualities make me overall pretty gentle and submissive in a more personal way. I have plenty of complex traits being on the Aquarius cusp of Pisces (like May Ziadeh 💕💕 which can have someone be spiritually universal and intrigued by the common good) and along with having the fire in my personality that I don’t suppress anymore and have been better and much more creative for it. 🙂

So certain things may be wrong or bad because they hurt others or interfere with their own personal individual freedom and right to happiness, but you may have an aversion to something that when embraced actually unlocks your own happiness and fun in life, whether or not you explain it in terms of Astrology. So, I had been celebrating the Sagittarius…and Aries too (also the sign of my husband), that I would have pushed away before as “too forceful or loud, or unrefined…” and along with the fact that I am from Brooklyn, NY and that my family background is Italian, those facts already add extra volume to me.

But it is nice to moderate your own soul and not to push what you love in yourself and are drawn to in other people away due to an overactive use of logic or reason that may actually be less true or happy than you may find in a more complex, inclusive reality. 🙂


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