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Tuesday (And More)

This post’s complete! With the gift story given 🙂

Blush of Dawn

I myself have little memory of the day let alone the week, it has been a very busy week, but I am sure it was good. 🙂 I notice I was stressing the blog posts (as in stressing what is best?), and then I realized my goals don’t actually need me to do that when I think of it.

I was listening to Yellow Claw – Assets yesterday 🎶. It was a shuffle pick and a good one. 💃 I don’t remember this song though, but the album is added to my streaming library. 😅

All the questioning put myself into screen exhaustion. As for the washing machine that felt on its way out, my husband has the washing machine working well now 💕(it was the lock feature; to be replaced), and my clothes are all fine and ready.

A recently bought and then accidentally dyed sweater a soft…

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