Love Me Like…Wind Down Slow Flow Yoga and Written Meditation

I wasn’t too glad with the video and the song particularly; I realized there are more videos I could do on my yoga channel @jadenicoleyoga. The wisdom part of the post that came after was not restoring, but I could see the full thoughts in draft. A tech issue that makes me realize what I learned and written is deeply ingrained—and it has nothing to do with a waterfall rushing too much! It is being contented and confident with my own viewpoint and trusting my own experience, learning when certain company is right at the time, or you wish to be alone and reflect…Being contented with company and alone at different times, the right company, and the right company at the right time. If a person says to you “Well now you just move on, or you have to move on,” it takes however long you need, may not be a straight road to that or even a clear cut road of that. It might be you need to be in comforting solitude or with another person at the time more in tune with you at the time…And still, I work on the habit of keeping videos or posts in place, continue from there…

And if I have sleep issues, or wake from an unsettling dream, I may type up my own new one, and then imagine it more as I fall to sleep…And this photo is an embrace to the reader. I may start the day when I first wake stretching arms up, then fold onto the right side, then left, and then back to sitting up with palms touching…: 💕—Jade

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