Submitting My Paintings to the Boston Arts Museum and Writing My Novel

🐱Peeko with my white jasmine flower art (not one I’d submitted)

Today I entered a couple of my own original paintings into the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition for Abstract Art. They could accept one or more to display at the Museum, and they would also be up for sale there during that time! My mother in law had kindly let me know about this exhibition, and it is also her birthday today! In honor 🙂

Whatever the result, I will be having an art show on Fri Jun. 2, Sat Jun. 3 – Sun. Jun. 4, ‘23 at the Gallery at Foxboro, MA, Patriot’s Place, art for sale. The Boston Museum show (mine could be accepted) runs from March 2 – April 23, ‘23.

The ideas ‘steeped well’ as they’d begun in my previous post, and after tea, I wrote another passage of my novel in progress by hand as yesterday I’d had a sudden idea on how two separate plot situations might connect by theme and also contrast in a way that gives meaning to both, so I wrote in my book another scene. This time I wrote with my Settings notes from that first day I attended the “write together” at the Queset House in Easton, MA.

In the collectible books reservation room I’d found across from the room we would sit just before I sat myself to write, I came across an old travel book there which had me reading it, deeply enveloped in it and writing notes the whole hour, before I began writing my own draft.

I’ve been having fun counting words as you may have seen, and I plan to continue a little more with this current scene in the handwritten notebook this week and type it up later on. 🙂


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