Pocket Delights: a Day Mostly ‘Unplugged’ and a Surrealist Sketch I Drew

After my nap in the sunlight, I continued reading and completed the book I had mentioned, a funny memoir by Jen Lancaster, but I won’t say anything more yet, I am looking forward to discussing it with the Book Club in person.

It’s been a refreshing (I did actually put down the blog today 🙂 and also a diversified literary salon.

This afternoon I enjoyed the relaxing lavender soaps my mom gave me at the Christmas gathering… to soak in a stainless steel basin for a pre-pedicure. Hi Mom!

I also had a nice time with this sketching travel kit this evening (from my sister and her husband). I had also wished for it awhile, and it is a convenient one. I can include my own dome sharpener because I like having that for easily collecting pencil shreddings while out.

I placed my own pocket sketchbook, in this neat travel sketch, that I’ve wished to complete and to show the book on a Blog Show video when it’s done. It is getting close! These two pocket pads I have fit in the slots, and I also saved the sketchpad that came with it when ready.

I sketched at home today even though I plan to go out more with the travel case; it’s been cold and windy on a day I’d wanted to stay inside. I can sketch traveling indoors too.

Here is the surrealist sketch I created from looking at my own lamp in my bedroom library. It’s a “Bell Lamp and Lamp Flower.” There is a little light within the flower too.

“Bell Lamp and Lamp Flower” Jan. 24, 2023 by Jade Nicole Beals.

If you’d like to read this, I’ve shared the short story I wrote as a gift: “The Doll House”

Please stayed tuned tomorrow for a couple more little delights. 🙂


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