A Pocket Blank Page Journal: for Leaves and Flowers I May Discover and Press

Set up with it all ready. Tea first, and then the little treasures I’d found (which are hidden in the photo for now.) Don’t worry; I am not drinking the glue.

I bought this blank journal and it arrived yesterday, in which this morning I’ve placed flowers or leaves that I’d find and press in a heavy book for about 2 weeks to 1 month depending on how much pressing it needs, and then I take them out to preserve them. I have made a few flowers into gifts, and many I will save in this book, a wonderful place to store them and to be able to browse through with notes.

One of the pages ready to write notes with it so far…This autumn leaf.

I will get a better pen for this 🙂 and I will include more on each page too as I paste them, with a little time frame of the season I’d found it and yr as I’ve written. Tip: Let the glue fully dry before closing the book. Mine are now keepsakes. 🙂

I forgot a little extra note, so I added it onto the page with a more flowing pen this sentence. And then I’d continued after about how I also had picked a flower and then I accidentally dropped it, or it flew into the wind. 🙂

Dear Britney, I hope you are well. I think of you with my flowers and teatime! 💕


There’s another pocket post to come, a pocket treasure that I did not know would be pocket! Please stay tuned. 🙂


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