blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Aromatherapy Night Sky Surprise

January 25, 2023

People may respond differently to different herbs; this cat was loving it. 💕💕

—Peeko says, “But don’t take my Jane.” He enjoys classic books of literary style, often with portraits on the cover.

This afternoon after yoga, I tried glueing the square of fabric I’d kept, which I’d been saving, when I found the herbs intoxicatingly potent into my Nature Book today. I was feeling dizzy and tripping my steps a little and having trouble putting my thoughts to words in conversation.

I had to undo the book, and the flowers and leaves couldn’t be separated, so I’d tossed them over my balcony into the wind, and the Arms of Nature welcomed back the nature, and they are happy either way. I am sad to have lost these, but I know I have the pictures and also my memory of each.

The book I got had the first few pages greatly dented when it arrived; at first I just folded these, and then I returned them as defective; it’s being replaced with same one. I also have a blank book coming from an artist on Etsy; I am glad to buy directly from an artist. 🙂

Thank you whoever sent it, however it got here: Amazon had no record of it and neither was I billed, and while the herbs had me very tipsy and confused, two visions I was not expecting had brought healing: 1) a vision like a lucid dream the day the gift came that was deeply emotional at first but afterwards brought me empathy and understanding from my own safe place of distance; I’d written that into a poem: [vision]; 2) The face of someone I’d met came to mind clearly of the day, and I’d thought my memory had no record, which brought me healing of understanding or groundedness.

December 5, 2022

This is such a beautiful gift, so complete and luxurious. What I love is that someone thought to give it to me…just that, the gift brought inside from the mailroom and my full name …The giving part is what warms me the most. Thank you again…Yes, I am smiling, toward you 🙂 I send you all the best wishes the stars already hold and want to give in that beautiful deep blue sky the cushions showed, my prayers and thanks for you.

The herbs had an intoxicating effect on me honestly, yet it was interesting and lead to a lucid dream I was not planning for; I did not know if the gift was sent anonymously or was a glitch from the store; it did not matter, it made me consider: fears and generosities in a way that was freeing through the dream and afterwards 🙂


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