Pocket Jane

January 25, 2023

I had picked out this particular Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and added it to my Wishlist, which I just bought and it arrived yesterday.

Fall 2021, I’d found a print copy of this popular title (I have a few other books by her that I’ve enjoyed). I was happy to see it in a free library; it was a very worn copy with index tabs, and it fell to pieces as I’d turned the pages. I decided I’d make something with the book somehow but I wanted not a collage of book pages, so this December 2022, I was reminded of that when my Jane Eyre came apart (probably defective in shipping but also replaced free and got me thinking of my Jane Austen idea), and I remembered my idea to write a “collage poem” or poem using words from a text and arranging them and adding in your own…

My new poem, “Pride” was ready in time for Jane Austen’s 247th birthday, and not intended that way!

I didn’t realize it was a pocket edition, yes! But I enjoy a full range of sizes in things too, (there seems no better way to word this.)

My new Nature Book. I looked through the book this afternoon and added a few words, and it is not a private book. I may share the pages, like my sketchbooks too.

I had this pocket Jane packed and ready to share it from the local library, but the bus was so backed up that I’d canceled. My eyes need to rest now from all that time- changing. I will go there another time; tonight I will go look for a few more tops for clothes, and dinner out after much cooking at home.


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