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My Library as of Tonight, A Trip to Find My Holy Bible

Saturday, January 28, 2023

my home library as of now…with some new books I’d gotten or had found to read. and some lit magazines I’d had 🙂 decorative accents added: my silver pen with my name engraved and amethyst topped, and a pink blush little laughing buddha

I looked for it on my shelf in real life: where’s the solid white bible? I see it in the photo from Party in my Home Library, near my Shakespeare A Mid-Summer’s Night’s Dream…(Why Shakespeare? Why?), kidding. But I will look in case I’d set it aside. It’s not at home. I’d given some of my books away as I’d been building my own home library.

Update: I will take a trip tonight to look for my Benedict Bible in case. The adventure is to my liking, am not afraid of ghosts, you know ;).

The adventure was interesting; the bus driver seemed a bit confused by my destination to the lawn and an outdoor spot in the night when it was cold. I’d told him I’d had a warm coat; it would be a quick look through the books, and back home…This bible was not at the donation spot, and I am back home now, so someone’s enjoying it :)! Yes, I brought my Pocket Jane to read as I waited to go back home, and in the part I was up to, Mr. Bennet wants his own home library!

But I also can’t tell if that is the Bible in the previous party photo, or my copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley! The Bible was the previous translation, and I’d liked the translation Pope Francis had done; the new one of Francis was more complex and descriptive in a way I’d understood and enjoyed more. Gift shop…? And no worries if it is yours, I’d given it, enjoy it!

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