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A Book Comes in, written by the Literary Host, Miss May Ziadeh

For speakers or readers of French, in came this email from an author who has translated May Ziadeh’s book into French, the title is Tenebres et lueurs. The subtitle is Rêveries d’une promeneuse au Levant, by May Ziadé. This title translates as Darkness and Rays: Daydreams of a Stroller in the Levant (in literal English); this edition is in French.

The book can be found in print and found on Amazon or at L’hmarttan publishing house. French readers, feel free to share any thoughts! 💕—Jade

P.S. I’d gotten the email before I translated the title and wrote in my previous post “stroll…” but I posted mine before I looked up the full title and translation and posted this book. The cover is orange too. 😊💕🥰

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