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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, A Fun Review and Reflection

that pen does not say Jane, but Jade 💕😊a treasured gift my husband Dan had given me

I finished Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (pub. 1817) at the salon today! What a memorable moment with my history of reading it a decade or more ago and not continuing at the time, finding a free copy last year at the library cabinet and then it coming apart with each page turn and saving the pages: writing a poem on Jane Austen’s birthday, the big 247! this yr, and reading it aloud, using the saved pages (as text not actual collage) to write the poem, getting my own pink and gold collectible pocket-sized copy (featuring art portrait paintings), reading it often and traveling with the book, dropping the book many times, including outside on the sidewalk on a spontaneous night bus ride to the green lawn but loving it well, and treasuring it in my home library…I’d like to read Emma sometime, another wished for…

I especially love Jane Austen’s humor in Pride and Prejudice as if she is very impressed with these ridiculous characters, who are also acceptably ridiculous, which she’s created, but would have existed in some form…I can picture her like, “Watch this one…” 😉

Overall, the idea of pride as being a good thing had been on my own mind as being content with oneself as a person. And the difference between vanity as being more concerned with appearances of oneself and expecting everyone to prefer you, and how others’ opinions of others may create prejudice, along with an individual’s own personal prejudices, what is said, what is kept to oneself, when one is candid, how it matters… 💕—Jade

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