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Servant of Love by Patty Griffin, with One Favorite Thing About Monday

One Favorite Thing About Monday

Finding 2 new favorite poems, by W.B. Yeats, instead of one (I am practicing them for your listen), and how he’d once said (paraphrased): “You give a poem its fine machinery, and that is all you do,” with his poems of lakes and isles and clover and honey…My favorite poems of his are just like this, rhythmic, symbolic, and sound-based, and continue on the page themselves for the reader with what he’s placed.

I love this song “Servant of Love” by Patty Griffin; it’s made me think of the depths and color and movement of waves, the shore, a sea shell, as if I could paint this at a time I am really in the mood for the scene. The song is somewhat unsettling too, an interesting musical impressionism, and now that’s 3 things I liked.

I would like to decorate the solid cover of my handwritten novel notebook, like a collage that reminds me of the novel as it progresses. This is not fitting the post’s theme at all, or quota, but it’s a pleasant dream. 🙂 🙂

And now I decided to keep the book as is: Today, Tuesday, I attend a yoga class in the evening (as student). I feel a sense of safety and peace and companionship today. This post now has all its fine machinery given as it strolls off the screen…:)


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