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A Room: What a Turn of the Chair May Do and More Relaxation

🐱Peeko shows you…

It’s made such an improvement to move this chair in toward the room away from the back wall, tilt toward the bed with a view of the window.


Yoga: The yoga night class was great. I first noticed the incense was very therapeutic with plenty of circulation in the room, along with the flowing session itself, great teacher, and greatly stress-relieving. I learned a lot from it and enjoyed this focus on form as in my life I’ve more closely studied meditation, and I found that side of things more natural for me to teach, so this was really healing.

My new Nature Book has arrived. I don’t even know how to describe that last experience with the other book ‘tho it was healing overall! I will be enjoying the earth, looking for nature’s treasures, and looking towards spring with this. 🙂

* An upbeat review of Pride and Prejudice.

* Listen to me read Yeats’ poem.


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