blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

The Ocean Shore

The Ocean Shore, from my pocket sketch-book, completed Feb. 3, 2023, a scene from memory, inspired by the song, “Servant of Love” by Patty Griffin, a scene that might have not appeared in this particular song but the song had moved me, reminded me of this view from my memory, and inspired me to draw.

😮This just in: Patty Griffin’s tour schedule posted prior states she’s playing a concert in Boston…tonight! where I live, and I’d completed this quick sketch today not knowing she was on tour. What are the chances…🎶🎶 I got tickets! And this is a great (early) birthday gift. 📝🎶🎊💕🎁


Patty Griffin – Servant of Love
Patty Griffin – Shine a Different Way

Another gorgeous song I just heard for the first time today…☀️🎁💐🎶😊these lyrics and sound are so incredible…a poetic songwriter.

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