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Patty Griffin Live in Boston Feb. 3, 2023

A very beautiful, illuminating, and emotional concert; Patty Griffin played all of my favorite songs, and I’d just found the concert this morning when I’d thought to tag Patty Griffin in my ocean sketch I’d drawn from my own memory of the beach after I was inspired by her song, “Servant of Love,” and the concert brought plenty of tears.

Patty Griffin – Shine a Different Way. I listened to her music for probably about 19 yrs when I lived in NY, and I found her live show today.

The opening singer was Raul Malo who played an incredible set, many songs he sung in Spanish with lyrics I could understand pretty well.

Raul Malo 🎶 a singer from Cuba (homeland of a favorite poet of mine, Pablo Neruda, nvm, ☺️that is Chile) was the opening musician.

Thank you to my husband Dan who celebrated with me and gave me this early birthday gift. 💕😊🎶 He enjoyed the music too.


*my sketch of the ocean I’d completed in the morning just before I found the show.

Patty said she’d played at Foxboro, Great Woods before, and I think she’d said she had thought it was in Western, MA, North Hampton. And some people in the audience were saying this venue is in Mansfield (where I live now.) I thought she was in NYC with me plenty of years before hearing she lived in Boston (yrs before I got here).
and I am ready for sleep 💕😊😴💕. Well it was -1 degree ❄️ out, and I am happy.. 😊


An inspiring interview with this artist:

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