blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Neither ;)

This poem by Yeats you may read from my open book I am reading through (before the book goes back to the library) that I was not wanting to actually read aloud when picked😅, and I actually forgot I’d mentioned 2 favorites. I actually don’t fully understand this poem. Oh, I see: his treasure is still the intangible song, but there is still room in my mind for the full meaning. That’s the thing, the Yeats I’d sense persuasive or said directly are the Yeats I’d felt to skip, or read and then look toward other ones. I am not against statements: this sentence is one, but in Yeats poetry I find most beautiful more figuratively.

I am going to give you a 3rd Yeats poem I find at his best in terms of symbol and sound and rhythm:

Here is the first favorite poem I read aloud. I am sorry; I just don’t like either of these poems in this post…I like the symbolism and imagery, but not the meaning that he’s chasing after a girl who ran away. I just like the first one. And one treasure is treasure plenty. 😊

My hair is up in a silver pin, and I also realized yesterday I had not been moisturizing beneath my eyes just skipping that spot unremembered, and that was a little spa thing that’s made a difference, and I have not yet opened the special unopened gift 💕, but I will soon, to come. Instead of a full day of screen break, and then blog binges, I am actually including interval breaks in the time to look away, and I take out the pin, to be placed up again.😊

It occurred to me: the girl in the poem could have been running to safety, calling his name, the story outside the story; a game of tag, I like it more now.

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