blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


I happened to see this botanical art, a pink anemone flower! in perfect condition with tag of date range, 1900 – 1924 by Belgian artist PJ Redoute, at a flea market today, also have enjoyed local antique shops recently. The photo shows a glimmer of reflection in the room at night with lamplight; outside this photo I can see this art illustration clearly, from the angled chair and bed.

I saved the photo of the details before removing and cleaning the glass, as you see, on the wall. A very kind man with many nice antiques had this in his stand, and he agreed to give it to me for $25. I really felt myself relax noticeably looking at it, even in a busy place. It has an air of calm and elegance.

I had this side of the wall in mind for a contrast type decor from the square painted canvases above the bed. It is a shade of green you see I felt to have missed and have rarely seen, it was just there, and displayed in a beautiful antique gold frame, I’ve cleaned it to display, got out a nail and hammer, and set it in place in the bedroom on the other wall from the books.

The little decor box my teapot had come is also shown with things like handwritten letters, the engraved amethyst pen Dan had given me, a wallet photo, and my one decade rosary, for now. New pillowcases to switch on the pillows, an amethyst crystal given from my sister, a rose embroidered placemat my great grandma made, a yoga mat, meditation cushions, a little book of love – also found antique, and a wooden jewelry chest. Oh, how funny to meet you there. (I was glad to.)

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