blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Sewing Surprise, Novel Neatness, Painting, and Miscellaneous

(Photo quote by literary salon host May Ziadeh)

Sewing Surprise

At the literary salon birthday edition much was shared in my own prayerful personal reflection at the start, and who knew I could mend my own winter coat? I have no problem having a tailor in town sew it, or hem pants. It’d been awhile with busy activity, and so I sewed it myself this morning and was very pleased. I knew it was a tear I’d gotten caught on the sleeve, something that was not going to be “professionally” mended against the subtle pattern, and underside, so I sewed that myself today.

I’d learned in second grade how to sew with a needle and thread, and also how I couldn’t really sew anything, and today I stitched one at a time and thought “left to right, now right back to left,” and the coat is mended. I am glad to likely buy another coat next year, and this one is good too to keep; I can have more than one. I enjoyed mending it, but would leave knitting or embroidery to others overall as a hobby.

My Novel, No Longer Feeling Disarrayed

I’ve felt something about my novel in progress feeling like this greatly tied knot bothering my mind and left uncared for, or papers thrown around the room in my mind and me not catching after them, but needing to. I found I just needed to make the act of writing the novel itself comfortably neater. I continued reading these first 12 pgs seated in the living room with my document screen and with the big picture story in mind, making edits mainly for my own understanding of the story.

I just stopped somewhere in Ch. 3, as the beginning part felt strong or concrete to me, and then a good connection to be written in, and then to bridge the story together from where I began, however that unfolds. I just now check word count, as I’d concluded the session with 4774 words total. I plan to work on the next pages tomorrow. I am also letting the story show me which audience it’s best marketed to, looks like young adult fantasy, or middle grade fantasy, at this point, but the story comes first.


I am planning to continue painting and alternate with the novel writing, this still life painting you saw just the easel.


I took a walk today, found what appeared to be clothing for an “infant” as the tag stated, but couldn’t figure out what it would be…like a gray fleece hat and not a hat…Well, I brought it to the office as a “lost and found,” but no one was there or working there, so I left it on the ♥️Valentine’s Day display table, 😅I guess that is why I am like a good intending fairy godmother at heart. 🧚‍♂️😅♥️

…And as for the afternoon hours, we danced! 🙂

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