blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

This Just In!…In the Mass Arts Center! First Time

My painting, “In Rhythm” was accepted into the Abstractions, Morini Gallery Mass Arts Center Juried Exhibition!!

This painting will be on display and also available to purchase at the Mass Arts Exhibition, Abstract Show, March through April 2023, details below:

Yess! 😀😀😀😀”Within this theme, artists will express interpretations of the vague, but essential elements that portray notions of Time, Place and Memory. These visual notions may precipitate deep feelings from the past or display one’s hopeful vision of the future, all inviting the viewer into a place of thoughtful emotion and curiosity.”

(They are already correcting the spelling of my middle name, Nicole, no problem! I am very excited to see this!!)

In my hometown, Mansfield, MA 😯: 888 South Main Street, near the Great Woods Center.

previously, a photo post:


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