blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Author and Salon Host, Miss May’s Birthday Party

b. Feb 11, 1886

(heaven resets, and so she shows up around my age together.)

…Pick an outfit for day, for breakfast. Maybe dance later!


I translated this French poem by May when I’d found her first book of poems; it is an introduction to the book. 😊💕 But I wrote it two other times too ‘cause sometimes my short term memory’s not so great. 😀

I found this journal at a local bookshop early yesterday to free write poetic passages with imagery that may become poems later, or may just stay in the book as poetic.

And it came with a secret pocket too; I was pleasantly surprised, as you can see, but you never know if it’s real?

It is a real pocket! not imagined…but not always so certain about myself. 😊🧚‍♀️

I love the color green, and from reading May’s work, I’d found she seemed to as well noticeably, but I chose this one because I loved the intricate, yet symmetrical pattern and pleasant texture, which can help me calm when I am in a fast-paced state. I might want to write in it tonight. :

And I’d felt Miss May saying… “I love your flattened flower treasures, too, but let’s dance.”

And we did. (I lost the video though I was meaning to place up a clip of the occasion always backup. But let’s dance some more)

So we did another one! I March 9, ‘23.


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