blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Painting at the Gallery

Before leaving, we took selfies! Dreamy with paintings and colors, mine is just beginning.

Painting with my friend Shana, listening to a great selection of French music, and enjoying some chocolate candy…Shana’s art is amazingly innovative and looks to coincide with the color scheme I am just beginning…The time was spent picking a mood and color scheme. I am re-working the placement, a still life with mood, to come. And she is wearing a French artist, Jean Basquiat shirt, from Brooklyn. 😊💕I just realize this as I see the photo at home!

At home, I turned my canvas, for a little perspective, and came the idea of the subject in more detail. Now I turn it back horizontally and find the spacing and sizing I’d liked—starting with the background, the room’s wall in my art helped. 🎨🖼

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