blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Audio Poetry and a Listening Holiday

(One tea display setup; they can rotate nicely, and I brighten them regularly.)

Happy Poetry Listening Day! Let’s hear them! It’s set up like whatever you land on. 💕





A cup of my Rumi tea and a book to read. (I am unsure if this is actually a wine goblet, photo April 2nd ‘21.) ☺️
As for other poetry of mine in print, this is my most recent published collection in paperback and kindle (2021), and the book can be found here.

A party of one is often fun, but here are some poems by other famous authors (not myself 😉 I have read on my Poetry Read Aloud YouTube playlist, the Channel directly for this blog with art and books, @JadeNicoleBeals:

(reciting it)

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