blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

I Wonder…

I love the sky at the beach…😊♥️ It is so filled with love and mysteries.

Blind Date with a Book, the kind of library display I get excited to see each year…to be read with a ghost, as in heavenly spirit, Miss May at the literary salon today. 😊

I’d picked this one ❔😊 “Strange but true.” It sounds like this blog!

I found my spa habits weren’t being done intuitively, and I am happy to revise that. And today will include plenty of spa practices done with specific care.

A new plan: shower when I wake up wash hair then if needed that day comb hair let dry with loose soft hair tye part of the way, apply moisturizer just one very gently patting in circles with clean hands, minimal products as skin is healing,

lightly heating almond milk works great for skin, calms and tones and is a very gentle exfoliation, and then rinse with almost cool water, i like this best toward evening.

Fully rinse after dance or upbeat exercise, walk a little outside today, and I definitely plan to move more these days; I hadn’t been as my body has needed.

Good, vinyasa yoga is tonight.

Foot-bath has been great with very light lavender soap, then gentle pumice stone, and coconut oil moisturize after,

fruit, this time, mandarins to eat, if putting any fruit on skin, wash fruit very thoroughly first, it does feel good, especially cucumber slices and strawberries as well.

…I sketched a picture of the ocean hearing a classic favorite singer and songwriter of mine from many years ago, Patty Griffin’s “Servant of Love” very recently and found out that day she was in Boston that night! (I wondered what great timing), and we got tickets:

🎁🎁and we celebrated, just in time for my birthday coming up a gift and such a memorably amazing concert. After all the birthdays on Blush of Dawn this year, my own birthday is coming up on Sunday, Feb. 19th…🎊

Short paint session today planned too, just beginning the still life scene on the new canvas I got yesterday (pick a place as in a small stage to start).

Yesterday afternoon, 🐱Peeko and 🧸Teddie. Peeko sticks his tongue out when he’s napping (rarely) but it is a lion’s look of delight.

There are many kinds of friends. 💕🧸🐱😊🥰

all these and above things are ideas but am not trying to fit them all in…able to pick from this generously fun and restorative list of things I may do.

reading the book, Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George silently during literary salon today, usually begins around 8:30 am, and as it is Miss May’s salon, she begins it, 😊but since I got a teddybear in the living room, 🧸Teddie, Peeko has been attending it regularly, too. 📚

Open new wrapped book surprise from library, whenever I’d like.

Check on my nature treasure pressing in a book, probably needs more time, but check anyway.

Also a holiday I declared just now:

A Little Honey and Lovingkindness

♥️Have a great day.
All my love, Jade

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