blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Acrylic Paints Recommendations and Reaction to the Fumes

Summary: I felt the fumes of the open acrylics were a little strong for me and maybe for Peeko too as he’d left the room a lot. I found my eyes feeling puffy.

I’ve done well with Liquitex or Windsor and Newton regular style acrylic paints in the past with scent and quality; you can also look up a brand online to check if you are sensitive to fumes.

I have felt better with these regular acrylics I’ve used on my paintings to date, and I replaced the open, slow drying heavy body acrylics with the regular style Windsor and Newton acrylics. It is helpful to wash your hands if you get the heavier style paints on your hands, and to not ingest them or let your pets or kids do that. I also moved my table so it is a little closer to the open window and ceiling fan.

Acrylic paints can be removed from canvas and surfaces with rubbing alcohol and wiping the canvas down with paper towels or cloths and water. It is also helpful after wiping it down, to let the canvas air out outside if you want to.

This photo was just after I rinsed everything:

He seems happier with the fumes out.

(And is rolling around happily tonight.)

—🐱Your very own, Peeko 😊

Sometimes this blog is…this made me high, and it has:

Marijuana smoke (before insulation)
Surprise herb spa set (with no sender) 🙂 
Rose herbal tea
Years old paint spills on an easel
An old gas oven leak
Bleach bathroom soak and a bath after (accidentally)
COVID drowsiness (very drunk)
Heavy body paints
Several too many cups of water in a row


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