blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Flown in, this Leaf Again

Tomorrow is my birthday 🙂 (Feb. 19)…I will see my family in New York and celebrate my nephew’s first birthday!

There was a little glue still; I knew it was the same one, and I rinsed it gently.

My Nature Book I began yesterday night, with this sweet surprise from the day before:

“You never know what may blow through your door like silent prayer…”—Carrie Newcomer

The Back Story: Because I’d Been Wishing For Your Happiness and Love

Little Gifts So Sweet

Autumn Leaf Found and Pressed a Gift for Myself (photo)

Aromatherapy Night Sky Surprise

A Handmade Gift Poetry and Flowers for May Ziadeh (the last photo I drew and treasured reminds me of the new shape of this leaf.)


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