blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

What Has Helped Me Most in My Life

What I’ve found helpful for a long time, at the beginning or when I’d found them in their true form are

yoga alone or with others
writing poetry 
story writing, 
painting drawing
Miss May and the salon
listening to my own inner voice 
sensory pleasures 
books to read and home library 
music to listen 
no ‘new normal’ we create our world 
moving myself in a direction…~~>

It came to mind how poet and artist Kahlil Gibran had a love for his country of birth and was persuaded by others to return and be a politician; people were upset; he could save the country, they felt. I could relate where the persuasion to keep all things and stay the same exactly has worried me. But I realize the path is not straight. I can be an artist in a way that feels truest to me, and to write the blog going forward, in a way had been my original vision with the blog when I began writing poems again a couple of years ago. As Kahlil would feel guilty for not going back as a politician to save the broken country, he knew his calling was as an artist, it was not only up to him to save the country as a politician, and he grew from there.

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