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A Book I Found on My Birthday

I’ve also been thinking of my Grandma, my mom’s mom, who passed away a few years ago, I think of her often, sensing her near and especially in caring for my plants.

I found this book in my room in Brooklyn today on my birthday. My mom had told me my Grandma would have sometimes bought a book she might want to read while shopping, but my mom wasn’t sure of this one particularly at first, my mom reads ebooks and prefers them. I had not been painting again just yet then in copyright Jan. 2020, but it’s known I used to and enjoyed art museums, and now I love to.

This one’s by Danielle Steel, Blessing in Disguise 😊. The book was probably placed on a shelf on my desk sometime by my mom as she would give me things I might like that she’d found for me to pick up when I’d visit her in Brooklyn. My mom did buy it for my Grandma.

Some of the text is so wonderfully matching the day, as I am 37. 😊

And I am interested to read about this curator father at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (I live near there in Massachusetts now.) 😊💕📙as an artist and art appreciator myself…grateful for this.

A nice moment to read and think of my mom and Grandma before I visit the rest of my family at my nephew’s first birthday party….

…I was the proud aunt getting right in like, look, that’s my nephew!! But I also loved the party myself and they sang to me too. 😊

my mom, my sister, the birthday boy Jordan, my sister’s husband Wally, and Mickey Mouse.


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