blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Two Books, a Turtle, a Teapot

This one is words only, but I will continue with each as they come up

My sister Jenna and brother in law Wally gave me birthday gifts: 2 books I’d been wishing for, a fantasy novel by author Melissa Stacy, a book called Mark of the Pterren. I had found her book through my penpal Bethany’s page and saw this author wrote fantasy books. I am writing my first fantasy novel. I was happy her book had many pages; I was in the mood for a story to span a long while through my time. 🙂 My brother in law likes to read as well and has selected great books from my Wishlist over past holidays.

I also got a plentiful book of The Collected Yeats poetry, which means all his poems possible! also wished for as I knew I wanted to read more poetry by this man. Adding these books to my home library when I go back home to MA, including the book I found in my room in Brooklyn.

And a crystal necklace, shaped as a tiny turtle, who knew I love turtles as creatures, along with cats and rabbits? They have such sweet expressions. And my sister had found this jewelry for me; it is from Columbia. She also gave me an amethyst heart last birthday. And a pretty makeup case, travel light with a round wooden handle to open and close the zipper. (I wanted to see how I could describe these things as just words and no photos.) My mom gave me a summer-fall teapot I’d marked that and had wished for too, and in a new way it coordinates with the winter-spring one I’ve shown. I have a teapot ready for a party all seasons now, a winter-spring, now fall-summer, and a glass…and honey-glue for my healing heart within my own self.

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