blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Bear’s First Bath and Other Little Writing News

There was not much of a literary salon today, but there is no rigidness! Instead, mainly, a teddybear beauty salon…🧸

Alisi’s first bath, fur fluffed and gently brushed (left), sitting with Teddie, also bathed and brushed. Behind the bears you may see a notebook and pen where I am handwriting passages of my first novel. I wrote a passage today as a new girl enters the story, and then to another setting, as her first scene begins.

I will find out the end of March if a new tanka poem (not shown) will appear in the Journal’s next issue.

I’d wanted to go through and make better sense of them, I took down the haiku and tanka pocket verse post as I’ve had many offline too I’d forgotten about that could be a wonderful future project.

Anabelle (previously called Honeybear) just got bathed too and a little combing of her fur.

I am crashing at 4 pm from grooming bears all day and photographing them! done nicely. No worries, we are all happy, out for a walk before dark 💓. 😊

🐱Peeko enjoys the bears too and feels contented in their company.


P.S. I want to keep my creatively stitched winter coat a secret, but I enjoy Britney’s videos greatly, especially these where she talks, that is how I’d first found a great interest in her media. 🙂

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