blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Meridian Yoga

I attended a new style of yoga class last night I had not done before, it is really wonderful! There are many simple varieties or poses in the hour+ practice, meant to have the body flowing overall, body, mind, soul, with different organs mentioned, visualization, and breathing practice included. I enjoyed how the teacher led the class.

There was resistance stretching in the session, in which you lie on your back on the mat and press the heel of your foot against the instructor’s front thigh muscle who is standing, as she pushes in toward your foot for resistance, which increases flexibility gently, as it is held.

I’d not tried this before, was pleasant: I calmly said, “Am I supposed to be lifting off the floor?”

…I was being literal, 😀was not referring to 😇 or levitating 😉, just literally was very easy to balance and pleasant this new way, my back mostly off the mat…

Well, you know that would’ve been the style of these “little miracle, true life stories” of mine in these daily life stories running through the blog recently and told with genuine excitement. 😊

I do recommend Meridian yoga overall for the release of tension, stress, and/or detox effect, mindset-style yoga; it is also a great way to unwind calmly with other people. 💕—Jade

Also today, read a brief book review I’ve written of a small collection of wonderful poems from a new poet I’ve really enjoyed: The Land That Grew Me The Land That Grew Me by Mab Jones

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